3. How Do I Choose My Motorhome?

Of course, only you will know your requirements and budget constraints. The following advice will help you make a better and more considered decision:

Size matters!

Obviously if you pick a large motorhome, you’ll enjoy more storage space, more space to relax and cook, eat, sleep and use the facilities. The trade-off will be increased difficulty in parking, access on smaller roads and of course – fuel consumption. So you need to weigh up the pros and cons here and decide if you’re going for a smaller vehicle or a larger motorhome.

What’s your budget?

This could be the major factor influencing your decision. The price of motorhomes ranges from a few thousand pounds to well into 6-figures, and everything in between that! Maybe a reasonably priced Used Peugeot Boxer is within your budget?

The amount you’re going to use your motorhome might determine how much you want to spend, with some people selling up their homes (or downsizing) to invest this money in a luxury motorhome. Whereas others will be occasional users, and are just after something for the occasional weekend away and something a bit cheaper.

When are you going to use it?

Good weather isn’t a problem, and any motorhome will be a pleasure to use when the weather is fine.

If you’re going to be using your motorhome in more extreme weather conditions you might need to look at a motorhome that is built with this in mind. Features such as double skin floors, insulated walls to ‘Category 3′ level to keep your water system frost-free. Not a requirement if you’re only using the motorhome in the UK in the summer, but if you’re driving over to the Alps for a spot of winter sports, your motorhome will need to be up to the task.

A couple of you, or a whole family?

The number of people you need to accommodate will dictate the size of the motorhome. Also any pets need to be considered.

Don’t just consider the number of ‘berths’ the motorhome is advertised as catering for. Also consider the size of the communal areas, how comfortable everyone will be in their respective bunks, and if you’re going to be going away on extended holidays, will the size of the motorhome mean you’re all going to be getting on top of each other – with the potential for tempers to get frayed (even with the most laid-back of families!).

If it’s just for occasional use, and mostly in good weather, an awning attached to the side of the motorhome can be the solution to the space requirements – without having to buy a larger motorhome with the accompanying costs and considerations.

In the UK or across the continent?

If you’re doing short journeys in the UK, this could influence the choice of size. If you’re looking at longer journeys across Europe in your motorhome, then you might want a motorhome that can cope with the long miles in comfort.

But do consider the state of the roads at the other end. A large motorhome that’s good on the autobahns and autoroutes might not be well suited to twisting minor roads on the Alps or Pyrenees. Then a smaller motorhome might be the better choice.

Fuel economy

Almost all motorhomes have diesel engines, but don’t think the larger motorhomes will return a good MPG figure. Some will return a meagre 10mpg! So if this is a major consideration for you, make sure you investigate the fuel economy of the motorhomes you’re looking at before you purchase.

Some motorhomes run on LPG – but remember that the availability to fill up with LPG can be limited in some regions.

How big is your drive?

If you’re going to be keeping your motorhome at your house, then do consider where you’ll be keeping it. Do you have the room, is the ground suitable for a vehicle of the weight of the motorhome? Are you going to annoy your neighbours by having a 30-foot motorhome parked outside their living room window?

If you’re looking at a larger motorhome, there are storage options available and this could be a wise alternative.

Also remember that for large RV-style motorhomes, if they weigh more than 7.5 tonnes you’ll need a LGV licence to drive one!

For more advice and information click here – it is important to conduct research before you make a purchase.