2. Types of Motorhome

There are about 100 manufacturers of motorhomes in the UK. As with car manufacturers there are the more popular brands, with others being fewer in number or offering a niche vehicle to a narrowly-defined market. The types of motorhomes seen in the UK usually fit into one of the following four categories:

  • Panel van type. These motorhomes are based on a typical commercial metal-panelled van. An example of a panel-van would be the Volkswagen Transporter or Mazda Bongo.
  • Coachbuilt type. A manufacturer will take a chassis and cab from the van, and then fit their own fibreglass body to the rear.
  • A-class. These are very similar to the coach-built motorhomes, but the manufacturer just takes the chassis from the commercial vehicle, and everything else is purpose fit, including the cab and body.
  • RV. These Recreational Vehicles are usually imported from the USA.

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