1. Introduction

So you’re thinking about getting a motorhome? It could be your first, or you may have owned a number of motorhomes in the past.  Our guide is aimed more at the ‘newbie’ rather than the seasoned motorhome veterans, but there might be the odd bit of advice that’s useful even for those with many years of experience. Dealing with motorhomes online is a lot harder than buying second hand cars as it there aren’t as many classified advertising websites as there are with cars.

A hobby or a life-style choice

Most people fall into one of two categories.

  1. The motorhome is a hobby, and something that’s used occasionally for family holidays or as an alternative to staying at hotels and B&Bs, or as a more civilised alternative to staying in a tent.
  2. Those who treat their motorhome as part of their life, and the motorhome is part of their lifestyle. For these people the choice of motorhome is crucial as it’s going to be the centre of a lot of the things they do.

Which of these categories you fall into will determine a lot of your requirements and quite probably your motorhome budget. Once you have settled on a reasonable sum, it is worth starting your hunt online, just to get an idea of what you can get.